Eisenblaetter High Tech Grinding and Polishing Equipment for stainless steel, steel, non-ferrous metals and wood.
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For more then For more than 30 years Eisenblätter has been developing and manufacturing hand-held grinding machines for surface grinding and finishing on nonferrous metals, iron, steel and stainless steel, aluminium, rigid plastic and wood. Over this time the company has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise, which is demonstrated by better quality, more economical and powerful equipment and abrasives. The grinders and abrasives developed by Eisenblätter are today the most efficient available on the market.

Eisenblätter has set standards for established grinding technology with a number of innovations. Over 80 protective rights, both in Germany and abroad, protect Eisenblätter’s unique expertise.

With the development of the first zirconium-based flap disc for high-speed angle grinders at the end of the seventies, Eisenblätter became a pioneer ofthe triumph of the flap disc.

Today Eisenblätter supplies a superlative abrasive with the MAGNUM® CooL Top®, which offers unbeatable performance in material removal, grinding quality and service life. The Eisenblätter MAGNUM® CooL Top® was awarded first place in a flap disc test by “Werkzeugforum”.

The latest development, the PLANTEX® made of a high tech hemp fibre compound, is a high performance flap disc made of sustainable raw materials, making it environmentally friendly, self-trimming, easy to dispose of and offering maximum safety

Only the best raw materials and media, available worldwide, are used for Eisenblätter products. This ensures that we can offer our customers the best possible quality. Eisenblätter never followed the general trend to manufacture in low wage countries. This means that all our products are “Made in Germany” on the very latest production equipment under strict controls.

Extensive inspection and testing systems guarantee these extraordinarily high quality standards. The fact that this often very expensive route pays dividends is demonstrated by the enormous loyalty of our satisfied customers around the world and the continuous growth of all our product lines.

Today Eisenblätter is one of the leading manufacturers of flap discs, longitudinal grinding systems and abrasives. To meet the quality stan-dards that we set ourselves whilst still allowing us to manufacture on a rational and economical basis we have used completely new development methods for our production equipment. This means that Eisenblätter leads the way in offering top quality at a fair price.


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